The number of foreign tourists coming to Antalya has exceeded 8 million

Antalya, which has the most 5-star hotels in Turkiye, exceeded 8 million tourists in 7.5 months of the year. Looking at the countries of the tourists, Germany took the place of Russia with an increase of 250% this year.

Tourism activity in Antalya, which hosts tourists in 12 months of the year with its sea, beaches, nature, historical and cultural values, has started to return to pre-COVID-19. The city, which hosted approximately 9 million tourists last year, recorded 8 million 15 thousand 366 tourists from abroad in the period of January 1 – August 17 this year.

Most tourists are from Germany

Looking at the countries of the tourists, Germany took the place of Russia this year. 1 million 364 thousand tourists came from Germany with an increase of 250% compared to the same period last year.

Russia, which is in the first place every year, took the second place this year. 1 million 276 thousand tourists from Russia, where there was an increase of 13% compared to the same period of the previous year, preferred Antalya for their holidays. England followed Russia with 617 thousand 440 tourists, Poland with 392 thousand 135 tourists and the Netherlands with 236 thousand 115 tourists.

“If we can add November to the peak months this year, it would be much better”

Antalya Governor Ersin Yazici said that the number of tourists continues to increase in a pleasing manner.

Stating that as of today, 8 million has passed, Yazici said, “We are far ahead compared to the same period of last year. We have had more than 70 thousand entries per day for a long time. We also meet with tourism professionals frequently. Most of the hotels are full until the end of October. I hope we will finish the season well.”

Pointing out that the tourism season in the city is getting longer, Yazici stated that the activity continued in November last year. Stating that the same picture will be encountered this year, Yazici said, “Looking at the years, July, August, September and October are our peak months, the months when we host the highest number of guests. Last year, it lasted until November 15. If we can add November to the peak months this year, it would be much better for our city.”

European countries gained mobility

Governor Yazici stated that there has been a significant change in the distribution of countries sending tourists to Antalya compared to last year.

Expressing that especially alternative markets are beginning to emerge, Yazici noted that there have been returns from countries whose numbers have decreased in recent years. Yazici stated that this situation also makes tourism professionals and tradesmen with whom the sector is related happy.

Explaining that among the countries sending tourists to the city, very serious increases are observed in European countries, Yazici said:

“The figures between Germany and Russia are very close to each other. What is remarkable is that Germany took the first place, there are very serious increases in Poland and the Netherlands. There is Israel, which decreased in previous years, started again this year, they have not been here for a long time, this year they are in the 8th place. Kazakhstan 6, Romania 7, Denmark 9, Czechia 10th. The fact that Europe has turned to our city again makes our tourism professionals happy. Our numbers are good, our expectations are high. Hopefully, we will pass last year easily, we may not catch 2019, but we hope that we will complete the year a few million times below that.”

Emphasizing that it is important that tourists come from many different countries, Yazici added that the industry does not want to be tied to a single market, and that important studies are being carried out on alternative markets.

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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