The Number of Tarım Kredi’s Market and Sales Points Reaches 4,300

The number of markets and sales points of Turkish Agricultural Credit Cooperatives (Tarım Kredi) across the country has reached 4,300.

Tarım Kredi provides shopping opportunities to citizens not only in provincial centers but also in districts.

Hüseyin Aydın, General Manager of Tarım Kredi, told an AA reporter that they have reached 4,300 sales points across the country.

Aydın stated that 1,200 of these sales points are small grocery stores, saying, “We place around 150 products in a specific section of the grocery stores. Products such as cheese, rice, lentils, and oil. Our grocery stores purchase directly from us and sell these products at the same prices as in our markets.”

“We aim to reach the same numbers as our competitors” Aydın noted that in addition to the grocery stores, 3,100 markets also serve citizens, adding, “We continue to open new markets every day. Hopefully, we aim to reach the same numbers as our competitors who are still in this business today.”

Expressing confidence in achieving this goal over the years, Aydın continued:

“We are satisfied with the current performance of our markets. We have around 1,500 products in our markets. About 700 of these products are produced by us from end to end. In this aspect, we have created a truly successful organization. We will continue to develop and maintain this. We reached the number of 3,300 markets in 3 years. Our competitors took much longer to reach these numbers. We have moved very quickly. We will continue to grow, not stopping but slowing down a bit to prioritize quality. We will continue to serve both producers and consumers.”

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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