The share of solar energy in electricity is increasing in Turkiye

As of May 16, Turkiye’s installed electricity capacity has reached 104,600 megawatts, and solar installed power has reached 10,7 megawatts.

As of May 16, Turkiye’s solar energy consists of power plants with a capacity exceeding 10 thousand megawatts spread to 78 cities, while there are solar power plants with a capacity of more than 100 megawatts in 35 provinces.

The installed power in solar energy, which was 40 megawatts in 2014, continued to grow by exceeding 10 thousand megawatts in about 10 years.

While the installed power of solar energy, mainly composed of unlicensed power plants, stands out with its “distributed” structure, there are solar power plants of different scales in 78 provinces of Turkiye.

1/5 of the target from the sun has been reached

Cem Ozkok, President of the Energy Investors Association (GUYAD), stated that exceeding 10 thousand megawatts of solar installed power is an extremely important milestone for the sector. “Solar may have started later as it takes a little longer to reduce costs compared to other renewable energy technologies, but it’s moving very fast right now.”

Ozkok reminded that the solar installed power target was announced as 52,900 megawatts by 2035 in the National Energy Plan, which was shared with the public on January 19 by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, and stated that approximately one-fifth of this target has been achieved.

Underlining that the solar energy sector in Turkiye is progressing rapidly in the field of both licensed and unlicensed power plants, Ozkok said:

“We anticipate that the next installed power increase will be faster thanks to factors such as Solar Renewable Energy Resource Areas (YEKA), revisions based on FX-based escalation made in the latest Renewable Energy Resources Support Mechanism (YEKDEM), and capacities opened in the field of storage solar power plants. In order to reach the targets in the National Energy Plan, it is foreseen to realize an installed power of 3 thousand megawatts every year. The sector also has the capacity, knowledge and determination to do this. The prominent problem here can be described as financing. On the other hand, the high distribution of unlicensed people has made the sun widespread all over our country. Of course, Konya stands out in this area, but we can predict that the solar investments in our southern provinces with high radiation rates, and also the capacities announced specifically for the provinces in the earthquake zone, will further increase the installations there.”

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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