The stock market earned the most among investment instruments in 2022

In 2022, the BIST 100 index increased by 196.57%, the gram price of gold increased by 40.22%, the dollar/TL increased by 41.77%, and the euro/TL increased by 32.92%.

The BIST 100 index, which completed 2021 at 1,857.65 points, rose to 5,509.16 points at the end of 2022. The annual increase in the index was 3,651.51 points, or 196.57%.

In the Grand Bazaar, the gram sales price of 24 carat gold bullion gained 40.22%in 2022. The gram sales price of 24 carat gold bullion, which was sold at ₺780.20 at the end of last year, increased to ₺1,094 on the last trading day of 2022.

The selling price of the Republic gold, which completed the year 2021 at ₺5,161, was ₺7,330 at the end of this year.

The sale price of Republic gold has increased by 40.22% this year.

The US dollar also closed 2022 with a gain compared to the previous year. While the annual increase in the US dollar against TL was 41.77%, the sales price of the euro increased by 32.92% on an annual basis.

In 2022, mutual funds yielded an average of 46.18%, while the return of pension funds was 65.81%.

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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