The transaction volume of Momento, of which Param is a partner, exceeded ₺1 billion in its 13th year

Loyalty company Momento, which has been providing digital solutions to its business partners and users since 2010, is celebrating its 13th anniversary. Momento’s transaction volume, which doubled its turnover in July compared to the same period last year, was over ₺1 billion.

“We have been instrumental in thanking more than 550 thousand employees of more than 500 companies.”

Commenting on Momento’s 13th anniversary, Momento Founder Zeynep Dagli Kastro said in her statement on the subject:

“As Momento, we have been focusing on doing our job in the best way since 2010; We offer digital solutions to our business partners and users in the field of loyalty and reward systems. In other words, we mediate the thanks of companies to their employees, customers and stakeholders. We reward the employees, dealers and distributors of Turkiye’s leading companies. In essence, we celebrate every moment that is worth celebrating and touches life. In this context, since the day we were founded, we have helped companies say ‘thank you’ to hundreds of thousands of their employees. We continue to work hard with my teammates, without any obstacles, to ensure that the number 13, which is considered an unlucky number, brings us good luck.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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