The Turkish Company Türasaş Unveils Design for Electric Trains

The Turkish company Türasaş has unveiled the design for electric trains capable of reaching speeds up to 225 km/h, as reported by the company “NPO A.T.O.R.,” a leader in comprehensive supply for passenger carriages, electric trains, and socially oriented transport.

The national manufacturer published renderings of the interior and exterior of the new rolling stock on its official website.

Previously, Turkiye’s Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Adil Karaismailoğlu, announced that the train prototype is planned to be released this year, with operational deployment set for the next year.

These trains will be based on a previously developed Türasaş model designed for speeds up to 160 km/h.

Currently, three such five-car trains are already in service in Turkiye,with the company planning to increase their number to 56 by 2030.

However, achieving a speed of 225 km/h will require several structural modifications and the implementation of an upgraded engine.

The new eight-car train is expected to have a passenger capacity of 584.

Its body will be made of aluminum, which helps reduce the train’s weight and, consequently, increase its energy efficiency.

The minimum radius of the curves it can navigate will be 150 meters, indicating high maneuverability.

The new Türasaş trains will comply with the European TSI (Technical Specifications for Interoperability) requirements, enabling them to integrate seamlessly into the railway networks of other countries that adhere to these standards.

This opens up prospects for Turkiye to expand the export of its trains to international markets.

The renderings presented showcase a modern and ergonomic design. The interior of the train promises to be comfortable and well-thought-out, with an emphasis on passenger comfort during long journeys.

Company specialists noted that the development of the new train considered not only technical specifications and safety but also the preferences of future passengers to ensure maximum travel comfort.

The development of a high-speed train for Turkiye is a significant step forward in the advancement of the national transport infrastructure.

The introduction of new trains capable of speeds up to 225 km/h will considerably reduce travel time between major cities and enhance the appeal of rail transport for passengers.

Plans to expand the fleet of high-speed trains demonstrate Turkiye’s serious intentions to strengthen its position in the global railway technology market.

A commitment to innovation and infrastructure improvement makes the country attractive for investment and partnerships in the transportation sector.

Thus, the presentation of the new Türasaş electric train design for speeds of 225 km/h is an important event for Turkiye’s transportation industry, reflecting its progress and ambitions in the field of high-speed rail transport.

Source: railway.supply

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