Thermal water found in Tekirdag will contribute to tourism, agriculture, employment

The thermal water, which is in cooperation with Kapakli Municipality and MTA, will be used in tourism facilities and greenhouse cultivation to be built in Ikiz Goller, which is famous for its natural beauty.

Kapakli Mayor Mustafa Cetin told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they carried out a seismic search in the Pinarca District within the scope of the protocol they signed with MTA a while ago.

Explaining that hot water was detected in the source they reached as a result of approximately 5 months of work, Cetin stated that the machines were installed in the region and the necessary work was started in the quarry.

Stating that they reached hot water by going down 1,500 meters in about 3 months, Cetin said, “MTA is doing improvement studies on the well. It will give us a technical report in a very short time. After we receive reports such as the temperature of the water, the values in the water, the flow of the water, we are planning to implement many projects here in this region located in nature.”

Explaining that they are carrying out project work in the Ikiz Goller promenade area, Cetin said that bungalow houses are built on the areas on the shores of the lakes.

Stating that they want to give hot water to this facility from the spring, Cetin said, “We also have serious plans for greenhouse cultivation. Our negotiations with the Ministry of Agriculture are continuing. With the report we will receive, we will make a serious planning regarding greenhouse cultivation in this region.”

He stated that they will both create employment in the region and contribute to the national economy.

“Thermal village project will be implemented”

Stating that they are planning to use thermal water in health tourism, Cetin said:

“This will make the region a center of attraction. We also want to implement the extraordinary thermal village project in Pinarca, which used to be the village and now the neighborhood. When we look at it from all this perspective, the quality water we find here will provide a very important added value to our district and our country and make this region a center of attraction.”

On the other hand, the project, which is planned to be built around Ikiz Goller, which is famous for its natural beauties in Kapakli district, will include bungalow houses, social facilities, caravan park and sports areas, and it is aimed to contribute to the tourism of the region.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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