THY becomes “the world’s largest network carrier”

Turkish Airlines has become “the world’s largest network carrier”, carrying 7.8 million passengers on international flights each July and August.

Turkish Airlines (THY), breaking historical records in the number of passengers in July and August, increased its seat capacity by 14% in the globally contracting sector.

According to the statement made by the THY Press Office, THY, which differed positively from its competitors in the sky during the epidemic period, continued its rise with records after the difficult period.

According to the monthly passenger traffic results, the company carried 7.8 million passengers in each of July and August 2022, surpassing the pre-epidemic record with the number of passengers on a monthly basis.

At a time when global airline companies were trying to catch up with the figures for 2019, this success of THY also made an impression on an international scale. THY has become the “world’s largest network carrier” with the number of seats it offers on international flights.

THY Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bolat drew attention to the fact that global competition in the aviation industry continues at a much higher dose than where it left off, as the effects of the epidemic that swept the whole world diminished.

Expressing his satisfaction for the success of THY, Bolat said:

“As the airline that was shown as an example with its performance during the crisis, we are happy that we flew to success after the crisis. Our target was to go beyond the performance of 2019 in a short time, which we achieved with our workforce of 65 thousand people. While the aviation industry was 19% behind in terms of AKK (seats/kilometers supplied) in August on a global scale, our partnership’s AKK value was 14% above 2019. As of August, we became the world’s largest network carrier airline in terms of the number of seats offered on international flights. Every member of our family has contributed to this success.”

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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