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Ticket platform Biletinial to create Turkiye’s cultural map

Online ticket platform Biletinial aims to create a cultural map of Turkiye with the help of the data obtained from ticket sales made on its platform to book shows at theaters,cinemas, opera houses, ballet, concerts, and sports events to promote investments in this field.

According to the data of Biletinial, selling tickets for various entertainment venues, 6 million tickets were sold through the platform in 2021 with the emergence of the pandemic. This number reached 23 million in 2022.

“We have overcome the impact of the pandemic in our sector together. As a result, we saw that culture and art producers met with audiences again,” said Ulaş Uslu, the CEO of the platform.

“This situation is a cause of great happiness and pride for us,” Uslu added.

Stating that they will regularly share the data they obtained in ticket sales with the public by 2023, Uslu noted that the cultural map project would contribute to the sector in several ways.

“We consider the creation of a cultural map of Turkiye as part of our mission. We will provide support to encourage investments in this field with this accumulation of knowledge,” Uslu explained.


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