Today’s Gold Prices: Quarter Gold Coin Price as of May 27, 2024

Wondering about today’s quarter gold prices? Here’s the latest quarter gold exchange rate for May 22-27, 2024…

Gold prices are holding steady. The upward momentum slowed as global central banks delayed interest rate cuts in response to high inflation data.

In international markets, gram gold kicked off the day at ₺2,418. Throughout the day, it ranged between a low of ₺2,409 and a high of ₺2,432, currently standing at ₺2,429.

Meanwhile, an ounce of gold started the day at $2,334, hitting a low of $2,332 and a high of $2,347. Presently, it’s trading at $2,345.

At the Grand Bazaar, gram gold is purchased for ₺2,441 and sold for ₺2,450.


This week, various data will be disclosed, including US growth figures and personal consumption expenditures (PCE), a key inflation gauge for the US Federal Reserve (Fed).

Eurozone inflation data is scheduled for release on Friday. Although inflation is expected to climb to 2.5% annually, it’s anticipated that this increase won’t deter the European Central Bank (ECB) from easing its monetary policy next week. Market sentiment suggests an 88% likelihood of an interest rate cut to 3.75% on June 6.

The dollar index commenced the new week with little movement. Measuring against six major currencies, the dollar index saw a slight decline of 0.04%, settling at 104.7.

Source: NTV / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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