Togg T10X Users to Earn Miles with Turkish Airlines Partnership

Togg has become the first company to offer its users the ability to earn miles from Turkish Airlines (THY) for trips made with the T10X car.

In a recent announcement, Togg revealed its groundbreaking partnership with THY. Through this collaboration, users of Togg’s first smart car in the C segment, the T10X, can earn miles for road trips.

Key Details of the Partnership:

  • Miles Earning: Users with the Trumore digital premium package will receive 500 status miles and 500 miles for every 5,000 kilometers traveled under the THY Passenger Program Miles&Smiles.
  • Software Requirement: To participate, users must have the T10X’s new software version 1.4.0 installed and register their vehicle in the “My Smart Device” section.
  • Benefits: Miles earned can be used for reward tickets, cabin upgrades, extra baggage, or purchases on the mile purchasing website.
  • Transfer of Miles: Miles earned by users will be credited to their Miles&Smiles memberships starting June 7, and subsequently on the 5th business day of each month.
  • Retroactive Miles: Kilometers traveled since the first day the T10X was received will also be counted toward earning miles.

This initiative underscores Togg’s innovative approach, enhancing user experience by integrating travel rewards into its smart mobility solutions.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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