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Top Rental Hotspots in Istanbul: From Beşiktaş to Ataşehir

The Most Sought-After Rental Areas in Istanbul: Beşiktaş, Şişli, Kadıköy, Ataşehir, and Moda

Experts at long-term rental service provider Colife have analyzed the preferred rental areas in Istanbul, revealing some striking results. Beşiktaş, Şişli, Kadıköy, Ataşehir, and Moda stand out as the top choices for renters, offering a comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

Why These Areas Are Popular

Mariya Stepanova, Colife’s Director of Rental Operations, explains why these neighborhoods are favored: “Beşiktaş, Şişli, Kadıköy, Ataşehir, and Moda are preferred due to their excellent infrastructure. These areas are packed with universities, sports facilities, healthcare centers, and shopping malls. Additionally, advanced public transport options like metro, bus, tram, and ferry make commuting easy and convenient. Renters find everything they need for a comfortable and relaxed life in these neighborhoods.”

Another key feature of these areas is their suitability for foreigners seeking long-term residency, making them especially attractive for international students and professionals.

Housing Prices and Budget-Friendly Options

Rental prices in these popular areas are generally similar. On average, a room rents for ₺15,000 per month, while an apartment goes for ₺40,000 per month. Colife offers some of the most budget-friendly options in Beşiktaş and Kadıköy, with rooms starting at ₺9,900 per month for annual leases.

A Student’s Experience

Aygül, a second-year student at Marmara University, shares her experience: “I spent my first year in a room in Fatih. Now, I’ve rented a room in Kadıköy through Colife, which is within walking distance to my university. It saves me a lot of time and money on transportation. Plus, I love the area—it’s always lively, with plenty of places to go.”

Future Price Increases

Colife expert Dmitry Bronnikov predicts that long-term rental prices (over 4 months) will increase by 25-30% in 2024 compared to 2023, and short-term rentals (less than 101 days) could see up to a 50% rise. In 2023, rental prices in Istanbul saw an average annual increase of 61%, with Colife-managed apartments experiencing a 35% rise.

While the favored rental areas in Istanbul are expected to remain the same, changes in housing prices will continue to attract attention. Renters will likely keep choosing Beşiktaş, Şişli, Kadıköy, Ataşehir, and Moda for their numerous advantages.

Source: Emlakdergisi / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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