Turk Telekom and Net Insight signed a cooperation that will change rules in 5G

Turk Telekom and Net Insight have signed a cooperation that will change the rules of the game in synchronization in 5G. CEO Umit Onal said, “We are determined to make Turkey a pioneer in our 5G journey.”

Continuing its business partnerships with the world’s leading technology companies, Turk Telekom has recently signed a groundbreaking collaboration in 5G in Sweden. The new patented technology developed by Turk Telekom and Net Insight in the field of 5G time and frequency synchronization, which is the subject of the cooperation, is preparing to break new ground in the field of 5G. This technology, the software of which was developed by Turkish engineers and will be productized in Net Insight facilities within 18 to 24 months, will be used in Turkey in 2023 with the transition to 5G. Mobile operators will significantly reduce the investment costs required by 5G and increase service continuity. Speaking at the signing ceremony held in Stockholm, Turk Telekom CEO Umit Onal said, “Today is a big day for us. We are determined to make Turkey a pioneer in our 5G journey. We offer the technologies we developed with our global collaborations to the use of the world. This move will not be limited to 5G.” Crister Fritzson, CEO of Net Insight, said: “Together, we have strong and unique competence and experience in 5G networks and time synchronization. We see huge and significant global market potential for this new groundbreaking 5G solution.”


The patented technology will be producted with the partnership of Turk Telekom and Net Insight and marketed to the whole world, including Turkey. Onal said, “We have come to the point of launching a very successful product to the market. We have a unique technology. This cooperation means a lot to Turk Telekom. In 2023, we will export our final product to countries that adopt this technology.” Thanks to this cooperation, Turk Telekom and Net Insight will develop joint products and solutions based on patented technology developed in the field of 5G time and frequency synchronization. With the new technology that reduces the synchronization time from 1,500 nanoseconds to 150 to 50 nanoseconds, broadcasting companies will be able to deliver football match broadcasts to the audience without delay, a doctor in Ankara will be able to operate on a patient in London thousands of kilometers away simultaneously. Mobile operators will significantly reduce their 5G investment costs.”


The SYNCHRONIZATION solution offers a unique method for transmitting time and frequency synchronization over the network, without GPS dependency and without the need to change existing network equipment, for other sectors that need this product with 5G and beyond technologies in the communication sector. Thanks to this technology, service losses due to GPS signal interruptions, which is one of the biggest problems faced by operators who switch to 5G, will be prevented. In addition to being the first operator to use this technology, Turk Telekom will also provide the test environment during the development of the product. Net Insight, on the other hand, will carry out the sales of the product in the global market, its adaptation to all sectors that need synchronization such as finance and energy, and after-sales support activities.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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