Turkey: 2021 was the year of records in energy

Domestic and national energy policies continued uninterruptedly in 2021. Last year, the installed power in wind energy exceeded 10 thousand megawatts. Natural gas discovery increased to 540 billion cubic meters. Mineral exports exceeded $6 billion for the first time.

Studies for uninterrupted energy continued throughout the year in 2021, when Turkey’s domestic and national energy policies are more involved. Continuing on its way with the goal of full independence in energy within the framework of the National Energy and Mining Policy, Turkey has implemented many giant moves in energy one after the other. With the addition of approximately 3,800 megawatts, the share of domestic and renewable energy in the installed power based on 100 thousand megawatts rose to 65%.

Turkey’s wind continued to blow on the way to the exit, saying “we team the wind, we harvest energy” and the installed power in wind energy has exceeded 10 thousand megawatts.


Ongoing efforts to spread the comfort of natural gas throughout Turkey did not slow down. Natural gas reached 628 districts and towns in Turkey, 39 of which were this year. Turkey’s mineral exports were recorded as the highest figure of all time with approximately $6 billion.


A fourth drilling ship was included in the inventory to support the efforts in which Turkey continues its struggle for independence in energy. While record consumption in electricity and record supply with 1 million 163 thousand 441 megawatts were recorded on 4 August, the all-time production record in wind energy was broken on 10 December with 188 thousand 418 megawatts towards the end of the year.


As in all areas, steps were taken in the field of technology as well. The Renewable Energy Resource Guarantee System (YEK-G) was put into use for the first time in a live environment. The opening of the Gas Futures Market and the Futures Electricity Market was also held in 2021. While the first well flow test was completed in Sakarya Gas Field, a new natural gas discovery of 135 billion cubic meters was made in Amasra-1 well, thus increasing the discovery in the region to 540 billion cubic meters. Ertugrul Gazi, who is the first FSRU to have the Turkish flag, was put into service in Hatay.


Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Fatih Donmez, made inspections at the Filyos Natural Gas Processing Facility, which is under construction in the Caycuma district of Zonguldak. Reminding that they will build a natural gas processing facility in Filyos, Donmez said, “The gas from the Black Sea will come ashore from here. In the first stage, we are designing a processing plant with a daily capacity of 10 million cubic meters and a capacity of up to 40 million cubic meters. At the moment, there is a very intensive work on underground and ground improvement in the field. Again, trees with high water consumption were planted in order to control the underground water level. This project is also an environmentalist project.” Pointing out that the facility was built on an area of 3,200 decares, Minister Donmez said, “This is a facility that will rank first in Europe. We will burn this gas here in the first quarter of next year.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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