Turkey: 4% growth is expected in the autogas market

Rising gasoline prices due to the increase in petroleum pushed citizens to seek alternatives. The expectation for growth in the autogas market, which is ₺11 per liter, has increased due to the prediction that gasoline will approach ₺20, diesel will exceed ₺23 and the price increase will continue.

Answering questions on the 50th Anniversary of Turkish LPG Association, Chairman Eyup Aratay said that they expect 3-4% growth in the autogas market this year. Aratay said, “LPG is still economical compared to gasoline, which is an alternative fuel.”

Gokhan Tezel, Deputy Chairman of Turkish LPG Association, said that there were record increases in commodity prices all over the world and that these increases also affected LPG prices. Expressing that the conversion to autogas is expected to increase in this period, Tezel said that autogas creates a 25-30% price advantage. Noting that Turkey is the second-largest market after Russia in LPG trade in Europe, Aratay said, “Today, we provide cylinder service to 10 million households and supply 4.9 million autogas vehicles with our approximately 7 thousand cylinder and 11 thousand autogas dealers operating throughout the country in our sector. Our industry has reached an annual market size of ₺80 billion.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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