Turkey: 8% discount campaign from furniture manufacturers

Under the leadership of the Furniture Associations Federation (MOSFED), an 8% discount was launched to support the “Turkey Gaining From Unity to Prosperity” campaign with the participation of more than 1,500 brands and 15 member associations.

In his statement, MOSFED President Ahmet Gulec reminded that they met with Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati today and said that they had detailed talks on the country’s economy at this meeting.

Expressing that the furniture industry has never hesitated to take responsibility for Turkey, Gulec emphasized that they started an 8% discount campaign on all furniture products within the scope of the decision taken with 15 member associations affiliated with MOSFED, and that this decision would add vitality to many sectors.

Gulec stated that they participated in the “Turkey Gaining From Unity to Abundance” campaign with an 8% discount, and thanks to the campaign, consumers could meet their furniture needs with an 8% discount.


Ahmet Gulec stated that the thriving economy wheels will not be limited to the furniture sector and continued his words as follows:

“As the furniture sector, we are connected with many sectors from glass to textile, from chemistry to metal. We are customers of many sectors. The mobility to be experienced in furniture will be reflected in all these sectors, and indirectly the inter-sectoral supply chain, production and shopping will accelerate. We expect the same sensitivity from other sectors, which are our suppliers, in order to increase the impact of this decision, which will accelerate the country’s economy and production and help consumers meet their needs. We know very well that this call will not go unanswered. As furniture makers, we take the responsibility for our country without hesitation.”

Gulec said that the local industrialists and producers will win in the “Turkey Gaining From Unity to Abundance” campaign, and that this vitality will bring hope, strength and abundance to the producers.


More than 1,500 leading brands and 15 associations participate in the 8% discount campaign organized under the leadership of MOSFED.

These associations are; Antakya Furniture Industrialists Businessmen Association, Ankara Siteler Furniture Manufacturers Association, Aegean Furniture Industrialists Solidarity Association, Eskisehir Furniture Industry Cluster Association, Inegol Furniture Manufacturers Association, Kayseri Furniture Manufacturers Association, Furniture Accessories Industrialists Association, Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters Association, Samsun Furniture Businessmen Association, Furniture Industry Businessmen Association, Turkish Furniture Manufacturers Association, Adana Furniture Industrialists Businessmen Association, Wooden Kitchen and Bathroom Furniture Industrialists and Importers Association, School Furniture and Equipment Industrialists Association, Office Furniture Industry and Businessmen Association.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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