Turkey: Electric bicycle exports increased 3 times compared to 2019

Electric bicycle exports in 2020, where domestic and foreign demand intensified due to the epidemic, increased by approximately 300% compared to the previous year and reached $39 million 234 thousand.

Exports of electric bicycles, where demand increased due to the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, increased by 3 times compared to 2019 and reached $39.2 million last year.

The electric-powered bicycle, which provides extra power to its user when pedaling thanks to its battery, draws attention as a value-added export product.

According to the information compiled by the AA correspondent from the data of the Aegean Exporters Union, Turkey provided $9 million 826 thousand in foreign currency from the electric bicycles it exported to 43 countries in 2019.

Although there was a decrease in exports in the second quarter of the year due to the epidemic, the recovery was rapid. In 2020, exports increased by approximately 300% compared to the previous year, reaching $39 million 234 thousand, especially with the effect of the demand from European countries, where the use of electric bicycles is rapidly spreading.

Finland took the first place in exports with $9 million 660 thousand. This country was followed by Italy with $7 million 926 thousand and the Netherlands with $7 million 494 thousand.

“Production planning of the sector has been registered to the electric bike”

Anil Sakrak, General Manager of Accell Bicycle and a member of the Board of Directors of the Bicycle Industry Association, which produces an average of 250 thousand bicycles annually in Manisa and exports 70% of it, said to the AA correspondent that the sales of electric bicycles in the European Union countries are increasing every year.

Stating that the producers in Turkey make good use of this opportunity, Sakrak stated that the sector has gradually shifted its production planning to these products.

Stating that the electric-powered bicycle has doubled exports with its high added value, Sakrak stated that they faced order cancellations, postponements, and despair in the first 2 quarters of last year due to the epidemic, but later exceeded this.

Sakrak said, “When people turned to bicycles, which they saw as the best means of transportation in the epidemic, our sales exploded. As the demand increased too much, our procurement times were extended. Suppliers are also having difficulty meeting these orders at the moment.”

Sakrak stated that Far Eastern producers have given August 2022 as the delivery date and that the producers in Turkey have an important opportunity in this process and said, “The share of electric bicycles in total bicycle exports has increased to 42%. Electric bicycle exports constitute $39 million of our total export of $92 million. We have achieved a serious increase in exports. This increase may continue in the coming years.”

The top 5 export countries for electric bicycles in Turkey 2019 and 2020 are as follows:


Finland 3,993,983 9,660,325 Italy 976,236 7,926,484 Netherlands 719,478 7,494,550 France 385,246 5,023,778 Spain 1.167.848 2.780.750 Total 9.826.138 39.234.706

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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