Turkey: Export of nearly $1 billion from the Western Mediterranean in 4 months

The exports of the Western Mediterranean region for the first 4 months increased by 9.24% compared to the same period of the previous year and amounted to $914 million 322 thousand.

Umit Mirza Cavusoglu, President of the Western Mediterranean Exporters’ Association, stated that the region’s exports increased despite the war with Russia and Ukraine.

Cavusoglu stated that last year they reached the export figure of $1 billion at the end of May, and this year it is expected to be realized in the middle of May. “If the Russia-Ukraine war had not started, our region would have reached $1 billion in April. Despite this, the increase in exports in the first four months heralded a new record to be broken by the end of the year.”

Explaining that the most exports are experienced in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector, Cavusoglu stated that natural stone-dominated mines and metals are in the second place, wood products and forest products are in the third place, and iron and non-ferrous metals are in the fourth place.

Stating that exports are made to 151 countries from the region, Cavusoglu said:

“While China maintains its position as the country to which we export the most, Russia has once again become one of the top 5 exporting countries. Exports to Russia started to recover, and the decrease of 50% in the first days of the war came to minus 22% with the recovery. The increase is expected to be at higher levels in the coming period, as Russia lifts its bans on fresh fruit and vegetable products.”

April exports increased by 17.13%

Stating that the exports in April reached $261 million 439 thousand 839 with an increase of 17.13% compared to the previous year, Cavusoglu stated that the number of exporters increased from 899 to 1,66 this year. Explaining that the highest amount of exports was made in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector in April, Cavusoglu made the following assessment:

“Nearly half of our exports were realized by the fresh fruit and vegetable and mining sector. A significant increase was observed in the exports of our top 5 sectors. The ferrous and non-ferrous metals sector experienced an export boom with an increase of 157.95%. There was also a significant increase in other sectors. Another pleasing aspect of the exports in April was that the Ukrainian market started to rise again. In the first days of the war, exports to Ukraine stopped and uncertainty arose. Afterwards, exports started again, but it was far from its old days. In April, it was seen that exports to Ukraine started to rise again. Compared to the same period of the previous year, exports to Ukraine increased by 19.42% despite the war and amounted to $9 million 622 thousand 367.”

Umit Mirza Cavusoglu stated that they started to receive signs of recovery in the Russian market as well.

The target is to sell $3 billion abroad in the first stage.

Stating that exports were made to 126 countries in April, Cavusoglu noted that when the distribution of countries is analyzed, China ranks first, Netherlands second and USA third.

Reminding that they took a new role as the management, Cavusoglu said, “Our goal is to further develop the exports of the region and to reach our export figures to $3 billion in the first stage and $5 billion in the second stage.”

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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