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Turkey exported $5 million 110 thousand of vinegar in the Jan-Sept

Turkey exported $5 million 110 thousand vinegar to 92 countries in Jan-Sept period. According to the data of Uludag Exporters’ Associations (UIB), vinegar exports in the first 9 months increased by 49.83 percent compared to 2019. Vinegar producers, who increased exports from $3 million 411 thousand to $5 million 110 thousand in the 9 months of this year, made the most foreign sales to Saudi Arabia.

Vinegar exports in the January-September period to Saudi Arabia increased by 19 percent from $ 925 thousand to $1 million 101 thousand. Vinegar exports in the 9-month period to Iraq increased by 87.50 percent, from $428 thousand to $803 thousand. Sector representatives increased exports to Germany by 64.12 percent, from $598 thousand to $364 thousand.

One of the markets where vinegar producers have increased their exports significantly was the USA. Exports to this country increased by 145.87 percent from $242 thousand to $597 thousand. Export to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Germany and the USA accounted for 60.68 percent of total exports. An income of $5 million 110 thousand was obtained from the vinegar exports in the 9-month period.

963 percent increase in exports to Algeria

It was seen that the sector representatives increased their exports to some markets. Foreign sales to Algeria increased by 963 percent, from $14 thousand to $158 thousand. Foreign sales to Malaysia was $65 thousand last year, these exports increased by 113.48 percent and reached $140 thousand. Vinegar producers increased their exports to the UK by 71.55 percent, from $65 thousand to $113 thousand.

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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