Turkey Fintech Outlook Study: Fintech companies continue their growth trend

Fintech (financial technologies), one of the rising values of the financial sector, is increasing its share of global investments day by day. It was stated that the international fintech company dxFeed recorded 45% growth in 2021.

According to the “Turkey Fintech Outlook Study”, the share of the fintech sector in global investments increased by 82% in 2021, exceeding $91 billion.

Fintech companies operating in a total of 12 areas, primarily in payments, blockchain, banking, insurance and corporate finance, accelerated their development as a result of the quality analytical data service trend in the markets.

Financial data provider dxFeed has announced that it has achieved 45% growth in 2021, following the growth trend it has captured since 2016.

Oleg Solodukhin, CEO of dxFeed, commented on the subject:

“As a company that has been serving the Turkish market since 2015, we know very well the local market dynamics, the changing habits of investors and the risk factors in the market.

With our value-added products and services, we provide investors with high-quality market data and guide them on critical issues such as predicting price trends and calculating market risks. We offer fast solutions to our investors with our system consisting of building blocks similar to Lego and analytical services that make a difference.

Thus, as a financial data provider, we bring investors together in a safe pool and create a hammer power for investors with the in-depth data flow service we offer. With this position, we have achieved revenue growth of over 560% since 2016, and a strong growth of 45% in 2021.”


dxFeed General Manager Dmitry Parilov, who mentioned that they have adopted the index management service, which is gradually rising in the fintech market, as a new business area since 2020, said, “As part of our index management service, we launched the index products traded on the stock exchange for The Small Exchange, Miami Exchange and Susquehanna International in a short time.

This year, we plan to create our index management family by launching our own product, including alternative stocks, commodities, OTC, De-Fi/Crypto, FX Options and fixed income indices.”


Stating that the fintech market will continue to evolve under the guidance of the trend of analytical services, Dmitry Parilov said, “In 2021, we expanded our reach with the De-Fi market. We partnered with API3 and SupraOracle. We provide real-time and historical data on crypto exchanges through ChainLink.

In December of last year, we held an artistic NFT collection at the Signature Art Basel VIP Networking Reception in Miami. We will continue our work on new development areas of the market this year as well,” he said.


Dmitry Parilov gave the following information about their 2022 goals: “We continue to develop new services for the analytical service trend in the market. Our B2B2C retail partnership network that we created in 2020 continues its steady growth. Until now, we have integrated market data of Turkish securities into software of retail companies such as NinjaTrader, Medved Trader, MotiveWave, Kolay Sac Derisi.

In the first half of this year, we will launch our new product that we have developed for those who are looking for new investment opportunities and who want to take advantage of different advantages.”

Source: NTV / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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