Turkey: Foreign debt stock totals $431B end-March

Figure accounts for 56.9% of Turkey’s gross domestic product as of March 31, according to Treasury and Finance Ministry

Turkey’s gross external debt stock reached $431 billion at the end of March, the country’s Treasury and Finance Ministry announced Tuesday.

The March figure was 56.9% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), the ministry said in a statement.

The country’s net foreign debt hit $256.5 billion as of March 31, accounting for 33.8% of its GDP.

Treasury-guaranteed foreign debt stock totaled $14.2 billion as of end-March, the data showed.

EU-defined general government debt stock was some 1.55 trillion Turkish liras ($235 billion), or 35.1% of GDP at the end of March.

The public net debt stock reached 782.2 billion Turkish liras ($118 billion) in the same period.

Anadolu Agency

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