Turkey leaps forward in industrial property

Turkey has leaped forward in the field of industrial property seeing a year-on-year rise in trademark, patent, utility model and design applications, the industry and technology minister said Wednesday.

“Compared to the previous year, the number of applications increased by 11% in domestic patents, 8% in utility models, 13% in trademark and 11% in designs,” Mustafa Varank told Anadolu Agency.

Varank stressed that the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TurkPatent) received 134,353 trademark applications last year.

Companies operating in information and communication technologies, white goods, automotive, and electronics rank first in domestic patent applications.

“This is actually a result of the value our companies place on technology-intensive production.”

Varank underlined that Turkey was the country with the highest number of trademark applications in Europe since 2011.

“The trademark data of other countries for 2019 has not been announced yet, but we will probably continue to top the list,” he said.

Anadolu Agency

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