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Turkey records sixth warmest December in 2020

Temperatures soared across Turkey last month except for Bitlis, Batman provinces

Last month was the sixth warmest December in the last 50 years in Turkey, Turkish scientists said Thursday.

Data compiled by Anadolu Agency from the Turkish State Meteorological Service showed the historical average temperature for the month was 4.6 °C (40 °F).

That increased 2.6°C (5°F) to 7.2°C (45°F) in December 2020 across the country, except for the eastern province of Bitlis and the southeastern province Batman.

The warmest December recorded since 1971 was in 2010.

Senior scientist at Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Huseyin Toros told Anadolu Agency that in general, 2020 was a hot and dry year not only for Turkey but for Europe and the world.

“Particularly the warm December 2020 in Turkey has something to do high-pressure areas and hot air movements from the south,” he said.

Anadolu Agency

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