Turkey: The banderol fees of electronic devices brought from abroad were determined

In the new year, the banderole fee to be paid for mobile phones brought from abroad for commercial purposes was determined as €20.

In 2022, the banderole fees to be paid for devices such as mobile phones, televisions and radios brought from abroad for non-commercial purposes have been determined. According to the Presidential Decree, a fee of €20 will be paid for mobile phones to be brought from abroad, and €10 will be paid for computers and tablets.

Banderole fees were determined as €10 for televisions up to 51 screens, €16 for 52-67 screens, €22 for 68-85 screens, €34 for 86-116 screens, €40 for 117-148 screens, €80 for 148 screens and above, €8 for auto televisions.


A fee of €9-21 will be charged for television-based combined devices, and €1-18 for radio-based combined devices.

Apart from these, a banderole fee of €18 was determined for all kinds of devices. Fees will be taken in Turkish lira versus euro.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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