Turkey to continue attracting foreign investors

Critical disruption in supply chains during pandemic became milestone for Turkey-Europe economic relations, says expert

Turkey is expected to attract more foreign investments after global giants such as IKEA, Boehringer Ingelheim, LPP and DW Reusables made inroads in the country, trade representatives have said.

Molak Nowakowski, president of the Polish-Turkish Chamber of Commerce, said Turkey’s investment environment and incentives are suitable for foreign direct investments from Europe and other countries.

Turkey dominates in the field of logistical infrastructure, he noted, and as a result Polish companies are looking to Turkey instead of China.

He added that Turkey offers better product quality and a cost advantage.

Koray Akguloglu, Nowakowski’s Turkish counterpart, said Polish investors are aware of developments in Turkish sectors such as medical equipment and cosmetics and plan to make investment in the country, with the opening of shops and production plants in the pipeline.

Tugrul Seremet, the chairman of Turkey-Belgium-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, said the investment of DW Reusables in a Turkish plastic firm was a noteworthy move.

He noted that the critical disruption in supply chains during the COVID-19 pandemic was a milestone for Turkey-Europe relations.

“Similar investments will continue increasingly and there will be positive developments in foreign trade volume,”he added.

Kadir Kurtulus, the head of Russian-Turkish Trade House, said Turkey offers several opportunities to investors with economic advantages and geopolitical location.

Turkey does not only offer cost advantage in container transportation, it also provides low-cost ro-ro, cargo and truck transportation methods, he added.


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