Turkey: White goods exports increased by 28%

White goods exports increased by 28% in the first 9 months of the year compared to the same period of the previous year and rose to 19 million 26 thousand.

According to the statement made by the Turkish White Goods Manufacturers Association (TURKBESD), sales of white goods in Turkey increased by 12% in 6 main products in the January-September period.

In the said period, Turkey’s white goods exports increased by 28% on the basis of units and reached 19 million 26 thousand. There was a 26% increase in production.


The total sales of TURKBESD member companies, including domestic sales and exports, increased by 23% and amounted to 25 million 746 thousand units.

TURKBESD President Can Dincer, whose views were given in the statement, stated that the sector performed very well both in the domestic market and in exports in the 9 months of the year.

Referring to the 23% increase in total domestic sales and export volume, Dincer said, “One of the most important factors in the continuation of the increase in domestic sales was the increase in house sales and the new lifestyle, mainly spent at home, brought about by the epidemic.”

Noting that the similar momentum in production continues, Dincer said, “There is a 26% increase in production in 9 months. The strong performance in exports provided significant support to growth in the third quarter. We think that the increase in the need for white goods due to the epidemic process and the delayed demand during the closure period were effective in this rise.”

Noting that the white goods industry was also affected by the cost increases experienced as a result of the rise in raw material prices, Dincer made the following assessments:

“Due to the distance to raw material supply points, increased logistics costs, chip costs, electricity, natural gas, oil and steel prices have increased. The chip crisis is a fact of our lives in the current process, in line with all information, we will continue to be in this situation until the last quarter of 2022. It is very important that all sectors adapt to this process as soon as possible.

We have developed all our platforms, strengthened our relations not only with our initial suppliers, but also with our sub-suppliers, and we are trying to continue our activities with minimum damage with our convenient ordering method.”

Source: NTV / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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