Turkey: Young entrepreneur’s premium support exceeded ₺2 billion

With the “Young Entrepreneur Incentive”, the Social Security Institution (SGK) has provided ₺2 billion 169 million insurance premium support to more than 275 thousand young people who have set up their own businesses to date. The ‘Young Entrepreneur Incentive’, which the institution started to give on June 1, 2018, has benefited from 275 thousand 598 people so far, and 180 thousand 817 people in 2021. With 19 different premium incentives, support and discount applications, SGK provided ₺48.4 billion support to more than 1 million 819 thousand businesses in the private sector in the 9 months of 2021. SGK has 19 different premium incentives, support and discount practices, which are currently in use and contribute to regular payment of premiums, prevention of informality and additional employment.


Sharing a video on its social media account, SGK gave the following information: “We paid ₺24.7 billion to more than 12 million retirees. We brought convenience in paying premiums with the structuring, and we collected ₺6 billion by structuring ₺71.4 billion of receivables.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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