Turkey’s Katmerciler seals new deal for armored vehicle sales to Africa

Turkey’s prominent land vehicles manufacturer Katmerciler has signed an export deal with yet another undisclosed African country.

The armored land vehicles of Katmerciler have already seen interest from the continent where the company made a name for itself.

The latest export agreement could be worth around $6.32 million, according to open sources.

The company will complete the orders of the vehicles by the end of 2022.

Katmerciler has previously exported armored land vehicles to Uruguay, Uganda and Kenya. In February this year, the firm signed a $47.6 million (TL 342.2 million) export agreement with an undisclosed country for the sale of various types of armored vehicles tailored for different needs.

That deal marked the highest export value the company has ever achieved in a single agreement.

In June,Turkish defense firm landed a contract to provide 118 armored vehicles to Kenya, expanding its footprint in Africa.


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