Turkey’s Kilit Group opens new hotel in Antalya

Nirvana Hotel focuses on adapting tourism to changing demands

Turkey’s Kilit Group has opened a new hotel in the Mediterranean resort city of Antalya.

With the new facility, the Nirvana Hotel chain in the country has expanded to 21 units, board member Tolga Kilit said at a news conference on Saturday.

“Kilit Group, serving in the fields of tourism, hotel management, hotel equipment, textile, boucle, animal husbandry, porcelain and kitchen industry, has 10,000 employees and contributes to Turkey by constantly developing,” he said.

Pelin Kilit, another board member, stressed the tourism sector is in need of innovation to cater to the new generation.

“In order to fully satisfy our guests and to meet rapidly changing expectations, we followed a policy of continuing our investments and turning the crisis [coronavirus] into an opportunity,” she said.

She said the group will focus on innovative and environment-friendly projects keeping in view the changing demands.

Korhan Alsan, the CEO of Nirvana Hotels, stressed the facility features a range of services.

“Nirvana Hotels focuses on sports, healthy life, vegan nutrition, natural life, pet hotel, micro-level service quality, locality, gastronomy and innovation,” he said.


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