Turkey’s manufacturing capacity use stands at 75.5%

Turkish manufacturing industry used 75.5% of its capacity in January, the country’s Central Bank revealed Monday.

The capacity utilization rate (CUR) of the sector fell 1.5 percentage points from last month, the bank survey said.

The CUR figures are based on the responses given to its business tendency survey by local units operating in the manufacturing industry, according to the bank.

Some 1,784 companies responded to the survey this month.

Among the six main industrial groups, the highest capacity usage was 75.2% for investment goods, while durable consumer goods posted the lowest CUR with 71.9%.

Among more than 20 sectors, the highest CUR was seen in manufacturers of wearing apparel at 84.7%. January’s lowest capacity usage was recorded by manufacturers of printing and reproduction of recorded media at 64.6%.

Anadolu agency

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