Turkish Airlines: initiative program Terminal is waiting for entrepreneurs’ applications

Turkish Airlines continues to support initiatives with its Terminal Enterprise Program.

Turkish Airlines, one of the industry leaders in the world by managing its innovation culture with the vision of a sustainable future since the first day of its establishment, announced that it has launched the Terminal Initiative Program in the past months to support the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Turkish Airlines continues to receive applications from entrepreneurs for the Terminal Enterprise Program in order to be inspired by new generation initiatives, to test its products and services, and to develop potential collaborations.

With this program, startups can quickly reach Turkish Airlines through a single channel and have the opportunity to develop joint projects. They can shape their projects according to the needs of the sector by being mentored by Turkish Airlines and experts in their fields working in different sectors. By exploring new markets with the airline tickets provided, they are able to scale their projects anywhere in the world.

Within the scope of the Terminal Enterprise Program, which is a cooperation development and support program with startups, applications can be made every day of the year via the website.

In the program where technology initiatives at all stages that offer products or services in the aviation sector and other fields can apply, Turkish Airlines’ relevant teams evaluate the applications under the headings of applicability of the idea, business model, the success of the product or service, potential cooperation, development and support needs. Initiatives that pass the preliminary evaluation stage gain the right to make presentations to Turkish Airlines managers who work in related fields in programs called Airpitch Days. After the presentations, initiatives deemed appropriate get the chance to benefit from the supports in the program.

Since the Terminal Enterprise Program was founded, many startups have had the opportunity to make presentations. While PoC and pilot studies continue with some of the initiatives that made presentations, cooperation agreements were signed with some initiatives.

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Bazaar Times Team

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