Turkish Airlines Named “Turkiye’s Most Valuable Brand” for Seventh Consecutive Year

With a Brand Value of $1.985 Billion, THY Continues to Rise Above the Competition

For the seventh year in a row, Turkish Airlines (THY) has been crowned Turkiye’s most valuable brand, boasting a brand value of $1.985 billion in 2024. According to a statement from THY’s Press Office, the prestigious recognition comes from Brand Finance’s “TURKIYE 100-Turkiye’s Most Valuable Brands” report.

Consistent Excellence and Global Recognition

Maintaining its top position since 2018, Turkish Airlines has demonstrated remarkable resilience and growth. In addition to its national accolades, THY has also climbed two spots to rank 6th in Brand Finance’s list of the “World’s Strongest Airline Brands” for 2024.

Commitment to Excellence

Expressing his pride in the airline’s achievement, THY Chairman and Executive Committee President Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bolat highlighted the motivation this success provides to the entire THY family. “This achievement inspires all of us at THY to strive for even greater accomplishments. We will continue to enhance our contributions to Turkiye, our economy, employment, and all our stakeholder industries. We will keep soaring high,” said Bolat.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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