Turkish armored combat vehicles were guests of the International Armored Vehicles Conference

Armored combat vehicles developed within the Turkish defense industry were the guests of the “International Armored Vehicles Conference”, where the latest developments in this field were evaluated.

According to the information received, the conference, which is considered to be the world’s leading meeting for the armored vehicles community, was held in London, the capital of England.

Focusing only on land vehicles and protection of forces, the conference brought together army officials, security bureaucrats, procurement officials and industry representatives.

Representatives from Turkish companies, including ASELSAN, ROKETSAN and Nurol Makina, also attended the conference. At the conference where Nurol Makina made a presentation on 4×4 vehicles, ASELSAN will also explain its solutions for armored vehicles tomorrow.

At the conference, which has been helping to contribute to discussions on many current issues for more than 20 years, trends in the field of military land vehicles in a wide range from active protection system technologies for the safety of land vehicles to the recent increase in demand for 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 wheeled vehicles, from tanks and tracked infantry fighting vehicles to unmanned ground vehicles were discussed.

The lessons learned from the Russia-Ukraine War took an important place in the presentations at the conference. At the conference, evaluations were made on the improvement of the logistics management and maintenance-maintenance processes of military land vehicles.

Nurol Makina Strategic Marketing and Market Development Director Emre Akın, in his presentation at the conference, stated that 4×4 armored vehicles are already used in low-intensity conflicts, and recently, the use of vehicles such as Ejder Yalcin and Yoruk 4×4 (NMS) in high-intensity conflicts has also come to the fore.

Pointing out that 4×4 vehicles, with their high level of protection, played an active role in recent wars, especially the Russia-Ukraine War, Akın gave information about the armored vehicles they produce.

Akın said, “Ejder Yalcin and Yoruk are not cumbersome like MRAPs, they are very agile vehicles. Ejder Yalcin carries almost as much as a 6×6 load. It is much more cost-effective. Armored 4×4 vehicles like Ejder Yalcin and Yoruk will play a greater role in the conventional war environment.”

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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