Turkish Armored Pickup Version Showcased Abroad for the First Time

Otokar, one of the armored land vehicle manufacturers in the Turkish defense industry, exhibited the pickup version of the COBRA II vehicle for the first time abroad at the Black Sea Defense and Aerospace Exhibition (BSDA) in Romania.

Ankara – Otokar, a subsidiary of the Koç Group, continues to promote its products and capabilities in the field of land systems on a global scale. Otokar participated in the 9th BSDA held in the capital of Romania, Bucharest.

As a supplier for NATO and the United Nations, Otokar showcased globally recognized armored vehicles ARMA 8X8 and COBRA II, where the latest technologies in the defense, maritime, aerospace, border security, space, and cyber security sectors were exhibited.

At the fair, attended by official delegations from all over Europe, Otokar presented the pickup version of COBRA II for the first time abroad.

Standing out with its modular structure and superior mobility, COBRA II is actively used in UN and NATO missions by over 20 users in more than 15 countries.

Ready to Handle Various Missions The pickup version of COBRA II drew attention at the fair with its high protection and transportation capacity, as well as its spacious interior, design, extensive weapon integration, and mission equipment options.

Maintaining the superior performance features of the existing COBRA II, COBRA II Pickup offers a wider range of uses for different missions by increasing the payload capacity.

Thanks to its modular design, the vehicle can be adapted to different missions. COBRA II Pickup can be effectively used in tasks such as logistic support, ammunition transport, field maintenance, and rescue operations.

The vehicle’s spacious loading area facilitates the transportation of heavy loads, large equipment, and weapon systems, enabling the secure transportation of various materials and equipment according to operational needs.

The armor system used in COBRA II Pickup ensures the protection of the crew and cargo from all kinds of threats.

Otokar Awaits Duty in Romania Participating in the “4X4 Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicle Procurement Tender” opened by the Romanian Ministry of Defense company C.N. Romtehnica S.A., Otokar aims to serve the Romanian Armed Forces.

Together with its local partner, Otokar has prepared a comprehensive potential business plan to meet the challenging requirements of the 4X4 vehicle program in Romania. The proposal presented by Otokar includes technical, commercial, and financial aspects of the project, as well as creating added value and developing capabilities in the country.

If awarded the tender, Otokar plans to use the facility in Romania as a strategic center for its operations in Europe. In addition to local production activities, Otokar aims to conduct research and development activities at the facility.

By collaborating with local suppliers and subsystem manufacturers in Romania, Otokar aims to increase local added value and contribute to the development of Romania’s defense capabilities.

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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