Turkish auto industry produces over 105,600 vehicles in February

Production fell by 9% year-on-year, latest data shows

Automakers in Turkiye manufactured 105,644 vehicles in February, including automobiles and commercial vehicles, according to new data released on Monday.

Production slipped by 9% on an annual basis last month, read a report by the Automotive Manufacturers Association (OSD).

Some 75% of all vehicles manufactured were exported, a 10.4% decrease year-on-year to 78,737 units.

Turkiye generated $2.6 billion from vehicle exports last month, marginally up from February 2021.

The country’s overall auto sales market narrowed by 15% on an annual basis to 52,098 units over the month, the report said.

Passenger car production fell by 9.6% to 61,544 units in February.

Top international automakers including Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes, Renault and Toyota – have factories in Turkiye, which is one of the world’s top auto sales markets.​​​​​​​


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