Turkish Banking Sector Shows Resilience with Rising Loans Amidst Economic Shifts

Total Deposits Shrink by ₺181 Billion in a Week, Marking Notable Shift in Financial Landscape

The Turkish banking sector experienced a substantial decrease in deposits, with a total decline of approximately ₺181.7 billion in the week ending May 31, according to the latest data from the Central Bank of Turkiye (CBRT). This reduction brought the sector’s total deposits down to ₺16.45 trillion, reflecting a significant shift in financial trends amid ongoing economic uncertainties.

As per the CBRT’s weekly monetary and banking statistics, the banking sector’s total deposits, inclusive of interbank transactions, dropped by ₺181 billion 692 million 824 thousand, settling at ₺16 trillion 452 billion 660 million 725 thousand by the end of the specified week.

TL and Foreign Currency Deposits Decline as Lending Grows

The breakdown of the figures reveals a 1.02% decrease in Turkish lira deposits, which now stand at ₺9 trillion 652 billion 137 million 969 thousand. Meanwhile, foreign currency deposits experienced a sharper decline of 1.35%, reducing to ₺6 trillion 62 billion 870 million 17 thousand. The total amount of foreign currency deposits in banks was recorded at $197 billion 874 million, with $167 billion 388 million held by domestic residents.

When adjusted for parity effects, domestic residents’ total foreign currency deposits showed a decrease of $3 billion 335 million as of May 31. This shift reflects a broader trend of currency fluctuations and economic challenges impacting deposit behaviors.

Credit Activity Rises Despite Deposit Decline

While the banking sector saw a decline in deposits, there was a notable increase in credit activity. Consumer loans in deposit banks grew by 1.28% to reach ₺1 trillion 599 billion 172 million 704 thousand. Installment-based commercial loans also saw an increase, rising by 1.36% to ₺1 trillion 517 billion 660 million 624 thousand, and credit card balances surged by 2.83% to ₺1 trillion 921 billion 306 million 446 thousand.

Of the total consumer loans, ₺403 billion 630 million 453 thousand were allocated for housing, ₺70 billion 648 million 279 thousand for vehicles, and ₺1 trillion 124 billion 893 million 972 thousand for other loan types. The sector’s total credit volume, including loans from the CBRT, increased by ₺127 billion 215 million 652 thousand, reaching ₺13 trillion 61 billion 190 million 678 thousand by the end of May. This marks a 46.40% increase compared to the same period last year, highlighting a growing trend in borrowing despite the decline in deposits.

The recent figures underscore a complex financial landscape in Turkiye, where declining deposits contrast with rising credit demand, pointing to shifting priorities and economic strategies among consumers and businesses alike.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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