Turkish Banking sector’s deposits decreased

The total deposits of the banking sector decreased by approximately 37.4 billion lira compared to the previous week, reaching 16 trillion 111.8 billion lira by the week ending on May 10.

Istanbul The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) announced its weekly monetary and banking statistics.

Accordingly, the total deposits of the banking sector (including interbank) decreased by 37 billion 402 million 635 thousand lira to 16 trillion 111 billion 815 million 618 thousand lira by the week ending on May 10.

During the same period, TL-denominated deposits in banks increased by 1.57% to 9 trillion 144 billion 583 million 30 thousand lira, while deposits in foreign currency (FC) decreased by 2.12% to 6 trillion 234 billion 425 million 772 thousand lira.

The total FC deposits in banks amounted to 204 billion 269 million dollars last week, of which 172 billion 629 million dollars were held in accounts of residents in Turkey.

When considering the data adjusted for exchange rate effects, there was a decrease of 4 billion 292 million dollars in the total FC deposits of residents in Turkey as of May 10.

The amount of installment commercial loans decreased.

Consumer loans in deposit banks increased by 0.43% last week to 1 trillion 565 billion 928 million 726 thousand lira.

During the same period, installment commercial loans decreased by 0.16% to 1 trillion 475 billion 338 million 28 thousand lira, and the balance of credit cards decreased by 0.08% to 1 trillion 856 billion 443 million 368 thousand lira.

Of the consumer loans in deposit banks, 402 billion 140 million 867 thousand lira were for housing, 68 billion 515 million 480 thousand lira for vehicles, and 1 trillion 95 billion 272 million 379 thousand lira for other loans.

The total credit volume of the banking sector, including CBRT, increased by 27 billion 669 million 275 thousand lira to 12 trillion 708 billion 863 million 994 thousand lira by the week ending on May 10.

The total credit volume recorded a 45.40% increase compared to the same period last year.

source prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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