Turkish Banking Sector’s Loan Volume Reaches ₺13.7 Trillion in Mid-June

Significant Increase in Consumer Loans and Deposits Amid Decline in Legal Equity

The loan volume in Turkiye’s banking sector surged to ₺13.7 trillion during the week ending June 14, reflecting a ₺150.7 billion increase, according to the latest weekly bulletin from the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK). This marks a rise from ₺13.5 trillion to ₺13.7 trillion within the week.

Total deposits in the banking sector, including interbank deposits, also saw substantial growth, climbing by ₺499.1 billion to reach ₺16.4 trillion.

Consumer Loans and Credit Card Debt See Notable Growth

As of June 14, consumer loans increased by ₺14.5 billion, bringing the total to ₺1.7 trillion. This sum includes ₺448.4 billion in housing loans, ₺91.8 billion in auto loans, and ₺1.2 trillion in personal needs loans.

Installment commercial loans rose by ₺16.3 billion to ₺1.7 trillion. Additionally, individual credit card debt grew by 2.5%, reaching ₺1.5 trillion, with ₺536.3 billion in installment debt and ₺940.2 billion in non-installment debt.

Decline in Non-Performing Loans and Legal Equity

The banking sector’s non-performing loans fell by ₺633 million to ₺212.4 billion, with ₺170.5 billion set aside as provisions for these loans.

Conversely, the sector’s legal equity decreased by ₺3 billion to ₺2.9 trillion.

Moreover, the balance of exchange-protected deposits dropped by 1.4%, or ₺29.6 billion, to ₺2.1 trillion.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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