Turkish builder Karmod completes steel villa project in Saudi Arabia

Company takes climatic conditions into consideration in overseas housing projects, company’s foreign trade manager says

Turkish building company Karmod has completed and delivered a prefabricated steel villa project in Saudi Arabian city of Abha, the company said in a statement on Wednesday.

The company constructed three two-story residences as part of the project, two of which have a size of 370 square meters, while the third one covers 354 square meters. The ground floors of the prefabricated villas are designed as 3+1, and the upper floors as 4+1 residential units.

“In Saudi Arabia, there is a significant demand for spacious living areas. In this project, we designed the spaces according to the country’s expectations,”Karmod Foreign Trade Manager Ziya Yanik was quoted as saying in the statement.

Highlighting that the interior area of the two-story villa reaches 370 square meters, Yanik added that the total area exceeded this measurement with the addition of features like verandas.

Yanik also noted that the company takes the climatic conditions of the region into consideration during overseas housing projects.

“The city of Abha in Saudi Arabia is notable for its high altitude. Unlike the general climate of the country, Abha, with an altitude of 2,270 meters (7448 feet), has a mild and rainy climate. We took these features into account while preparing the steel house project,” he said.

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