Turkish companies play an important role in the reconstruction of Kirkuk

Turkish companies, which have been operating in Kirkuk for many years, carry out construction, infrastructure and hospital projects, especially in regions liberated from DAESH.

Turkish companies operating in Kirkuk, Iraq, are building a 400-bed hospital in the city center and dialysis centers in the areas liberated from DAESH in the south of the city.

A district, tens of towns and hundreds of villages in the south of Kirkuk, which is among the regions where the terrorist organization DAESH took control in Iraq in 2014, were liberated by the Iraqi army on 10 July 2017.

Turkish companies are making an important contribution to the reconstruction of the towns and villages that were destroyed during the occupation by terrorists.

Turkish companies have been carrying out construction, infrastructure and hospital projects for many years, especially in the areas liberated from DAESH, within the scope of development activities in Kirkuk.

It will be the biggest hospital in Kirkuk

Kirkuk Health Directorate Repair Inspection Department Chief Engineer Muvaffak Abdulcabbar told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Turkish companies continue to build a total of 3 hospitals in the center of Kirkuk and in the areas liberated from DAESH in the south.

Emphasizing that they are very satisfied with the work of Turkish companies, Abdulcabbar stated that the 9-storey and 400-bed hospital, built on 60 thousand square meters in the Baghdad Road district, will be the largest hospital in Kirkuk.

Stating that the foundation of the hospital in the city center was laid in 2011, but the works stopped for years due to the outbreak of DAESH events, Abdulcabbar said that the construction of the hospital is expected to be completed in July 2024.

Abdulcabbar also noted that it is possible to increase the number of beds in the hospital to 600 by constructing additional buildings in the future.

Noting that the two hospitals in the south, which Turkish companies undertake, will serve as dialysis centers, the Iraqi official said that the hospital in Nasir district will have 63 beds and the health center in Havice district will have 12 beds.

Stating that Turkish companies have been carrying out important projects in Mosul as well as the capital Baghdad and cities in the south for many years, Abdulcabbar said, “We trust Turkish companies. Especially bridge constructions, infrastructure systems, sewerage, hospital and school constructions, as well as airport projects are very successful.”

“Quality work is done with Turkish companies in the health sector”

Kirkuk Health Director Nebil Bosniak said that the Iraqi Ministry of Health is carrying out important projects with Turkish companies.

“Quality work is done with Turkish companies in the health sector.” Bosnian said, adding that the hospitals under construction in Kirkuk are equipped with the latest technological devices by the relevant Turkish companies.

Emphasizing that the modern hospital with 400 beds will provide great health services to Kirkuk people, Bosnian said, “Citizens will no longer need to go abroad to be treated there. The city needed these hospitals very much. A 200-bed hospital was built in Kirkuk in 1980.”

Bosnian asked Turkish companies to carry out more projects in Iraq and especially in Kirkuk.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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