Turkish E-Commerce Companies Urged to Tap Into Gulf Market Potential

Dubai Business Leader Highlights Growing Opportunities for Turkish E-Commerce Firms in the Gulf Region

Kanat Kutluk, President of the Dubai and Northern Emirates Turkish Business Council, has emphasized the significant potential for Turkish e-commerce companies in the Gulf region. According to Kutluk, the Gulf market is rapidly expanding and presents numerous opportunities for growth and leadership in the e-commerce sector. Speaking at the WORLDEF ISTANBUL 2024 e-commerce fair, Kutluk shared insights on the region’s burgeoning market and the strategic importance of establishing a presence in the Gulf.

Kutluk highlighted that e-commerce is a rapidly developing market, particularly in the Middle East, where countries like the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Bahrain exhibit high levels of online shopping activity. He noted that the Gulf’s wealth and high internet penetration make it an ideal market for e-commerce businesses. “The Gulf region is continuously growing in wealth and still has room for new players in the market. With Trendyol making its entry into the UAE, I believe it will set a new standard in e-commerce leadership in the region,” said Kutluk.

Advantageous Business Environment in the UAE

Kutluk also pointed out that the UAE offers a favorable business environment for smaller firms, with low costs and easier market penetration compared to regions like the US and Europe. “Small and medium-sized Turkish companies can benefit significantly from the UAE’s business-friendly ecosystem. Setting up a business in Europe or the US can be expensive and challenging due to high competition. In contrast, the Gulf region provides a cost-effective platform for these companies to establish a presence and achieve rapid growth,” he explained.

Highlighting the burgeoning e-commerce market in the Gulf, Kutluk remarked, “The Gulf region is a continually enriching market with ample opportunities. While larger companies often focus on entering this market, there is significant potential for small to medium-sized firms to thrive here with niche products.”

WORLDEF Expanding to Dubai

Kutluk announced that WORLDEF, an influential e-commerce event, will be held in Dubai this December, marking a significant milestone for the industry. “Hosting WORLDEF in Dubai will create an important platform for connecting e-commerce enthusiasts from around the world with investors and business leaders in the region. Dubai serves as a central hub, attracting attention from neighboring countries and offering access to a market of two billion people within a four-hour flight radius,” he said.

He also highlighted the rapid evolution of the e-commerce sector globally and in Turkiye, noting that it is difficult to predict the future scale of the industry. “Turkish companies are very active in this sector, and it’s exciting to see young entrepreneurs driving innovation and launching new ventures. The opportunity to connect these businesses with investors in Dubai will be invaluable,” concluded Kutluk.

The call to action for Turkish e-commerce companies to explore the Gulf market comes at a time when the region’s digital economy is experiencing significant growth, making it a prime target for businesses looking to expand their global footprint.

Source: / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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