Turkish E-Commerce Solution ikas Aims for European Leadership

ikas CEO Namoglu Highlights Rapid Growth and Ambitious Expansion Plans in the European Market

ikas, a pioneering Turkish e-commerce platform, is setting its sights on becoming a leader in the European market. The company, which provides comprehensive e-commerce infrastructure solutions, has already attracted nearly 1,000 users from 15 European countries. Mustafa Namoglu, CEO of ikas, shared these milestones during an interview at WORLDEF ISTANBUL 2024, held at the Yenikapı Event Area.

In the interview, Namoglu emphasized ikas’s mission to simplify e-commerce for entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and brands by offering a one-stop solution for setting up online stores, managing payment systems, and handling logistics. “Our goal is embedded in our name, which stands for ‘İşleri Kolaylaştırıyoruz AŞ’ (We Simplify Things Inc.),” Namoglu explained.

Since its inception nearly three years ago, ikas has grown its client base to almost 10,000, ranging from university students selling jewelry online to well-established organizations like Trabzonspor. This growth has propelled the company from an annual revenue of ₺3-₺4 million to nearly ₺1 billion, underscoring its significant impact in the e-commerce landscape.

ikas Poised for E-Commerce Expansion Amid Positive Market Trends

Namoglu pointed out that e-commerce currently accounts for 20% of Turkiye’s total trade, with significant potential for further growth. He predicted that as Turkiye’s young population enters the workforce and economic conditions stabilize, the demand for e-commerce will continue to rise.

ikas’s presence in Europe is also expanding, with a growing number of users in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and other countries. “Europe represents our primary target market,” Namoglu said. “Our goal is to become the largest e-commerce solution provider in Europe within the next five years, starting with our two offices in Germany.”

Leveraging AI to Enhance E-Commerce Capabilities

In addition to its expansion plans, ikas is integrating artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance its e-commerce platform. The company’s latest product, ikas Mars, offers advanced tools for email marketing, bulk messaging, influencer marketing, and, most importantly, segmentation and personalization. “This allows our users to tailor their strategies to individual customer behaviors, significantly boosting their sales,” Namoglu concluded.

With its innovative approach and ambitious vision, ikas is well-positioned to lead the e-commerce sector in Europe, setting a new benchmark for Turkish technology companies on the global stage.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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