Turkish EV charging firm plans to build 1,000 stations by 2023-end

Eşarj, Turkiye’s first electric vehicle charging network, plans to build 1,000 stations by the end of 2023, with at least one fast-charging (DC) charging station in each of the country’s 81 provinces, the company said in a statement Monday.

With 94% of its shares owned by Turkiye’s electricity company Enerjisa Enerji, Eşarj runs the largest fast-charging network in the country, operating 546 charging stations,including 383 DC and 163 AC stations, in 57 provinces.

DC fast-charging stations can reach 80% of their charging level in 30 minutes, while AC charging stations can achieve the same level of charging in about 6-7 hours.

The company said it will direct over 90% of its new investments to DC fast-charging stations to have at least one DC charging station across 81 provinces by the end of the year.

Eşarj said it builds charging stations near shopping malls, hotels, recreational areas, fuel stations, and restaurants with a customer-focused approach to ensure time efficiency, allowing its customers to rest and enjoy their time while recharging their EVs.

‘We are aware of how valuable the time spent at the stations is for EV drivers. Eşarj focuses on the efficient use of time, and, we prioritize DC charging stations, attach significance to locating our charging stations in areas where our customers may spend more time or in areas where they may enjoy their time during charging,” Murat Pinar, chairperson of Eşarj and CEO of Enerjisa Enerji, was quoted as saying in the statement.

Eşarj is also the first charging operator with renewable energy certification, the first with DC charging stations and the first with contracts with EV brands.

The company’s largest active charging area, located at Istanbul Airport,has a total power capacity of 1 megawatt and provides continuous power service.


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