Turkish fabric from Gaziantep opening to the world

Doku Fabric Design Competition started in Gaziantep, famous for its weavings. Fashion designer Dilek Hanif, who is the coach of the competition, stated that they aim to make Turkey reach a very different position in textile. Fikret Kileci, Chairman of the Board of GATHIB, said, “We will further increase our strength in this area with innovative designs.”

Turkey, one of the leading textile manufacturers in the world, is preparing for a new development move that will further raise its quality and production standards. With the Doku Fabric Design Competition organized with the support of the Ministry of Trade, the product range that has the potential to be exported will be increased and new doors will be opened to young entrepreneurs. The Southeastern Anatolia Textile and Raw Materials Exporters Association (GATHIB), the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly (TIM) and the Ministry of Trade started the competition in Gaziantep, which is famous for its weavings. Famous fashion designer Dilek Hanif also attended the promotional meeting of the competition. Coaching the competition, Hanif said, “I have been in this industry for years. We always thought that we would see Italian and French fabrics and get better results from them. I saw that I did not turn around and look at what is happening in our own country. It took me a while to realize our values. Design is very important, but the most important material that excites the designer is fabric. Turkey is ahead in design. But now we have to make our designs with the fabrics we produce.”


Stating that they will give importance to the concepts of global warming, nature and sustainability in the design competition, Hanif said, “We will give priority to synthetic-free natural yarn. The competition is open to people of all ages who are devoted to this work. We aim to move Turkey to a much different position in textile with new textures and innovative parts.”


Stating that the fabric export in 2020 was $816 million 235 thousand, GATHIB Chairman of the Board Fikret Kileci said, “Gaziantep’s fabric export in 2020 is $653 million 924 thousand. We will increase our strength in this field with original and innovative designs. We can take advantage of the opportunities that arise in the pandemic. Today, Turkey supplies fabrics for Italian design products. Compared to the same month of 2019, export figures increased by 30%. During the pandemic period, there was a serious increase in the number of foreign investors who wanted to invest in Turkey, and serious opportunities emerged in terms of both production and logistics for many countries. Investors continued their investments, believing in the future and potential of Turkey.”


Applications for the contest, in which candidates can participate without limitation, in line with a theme they are inspired by, can be submitted until May 17, 2021 at As a result of the competition, the winner will be awarded ₺100 thousand, the second ₺50 thousand, and the third ₺25 thousand. Competitors in the top three will have the opportunity to study at internationally recognized training centers abroad for 2 years if deemed appropriate. The “Training Program Award” from a Design Academy to be determined by GATHIB and announced during the competition process will be given to the 10 finalists who passed the second evaluation in the competition.

Source: Hurriyet / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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