Turkish firm offers privacy solutions for high-tech products

Visual data most important component for high-tech products, but it should be anonymized due to privacy rules, says CEO

Turkish technology enterprise Syntonym addresses one of the biggest concerns of the digital age, providing privacy solutions for companies by anonymizing their data.

“Visual data is the most important component for developing all high-technology products, from robots to drones to autonomous vehicles,” Batuhan Ozcan, the company’s CEO, told Anadolu Agency.

“We founded our initiative because of the need to anonymize visual data without structural and functional loss,” Ozcan said.

Touching on smart city projects, which involve processing data collected by cameras and sensors, he noted that there are privacy regulations in several countries such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

“In addition to this increasing general need for data, the need to protect privacy and personal data in smart cities has become quite important with these regulations,” he added.

He said Syntonym meets all requirements with its ‘synthetic data sets’ solution which enables smart cities with a privacy-oriented approach.

Autonomous vehicles are also recording people with their cameras and using them in providing safe driving, he recalled, noting that his firm contributes to these vehicles.

“Data colleting by these vehicles can pose problems for privacy rules, so recordings should be anonymized,” he added.


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