Turkish firm produces military-grade cable with aim to reduce foreign dependence

Military-grade cables used in harsh conditions to be produced domestically in Türkiye

Turkish manufacturer Milkab produces homegrown military-grade cable with an aim to reduce foreign dependence.

Military-grade cables, also called mil-spec wiring, made by Milkab are resistant to abrasion, friction, impact, temperature, chemicals, fire, and corrosion, as well as they are halogen-free,they feature low smoke density, and they are suitable for use in all sorts of purposes.

The firm serves 50 Turkish defense firms.

Milkab is putting in the effort to produce cables, which require research and development for land, air, naval, rocket, missile, and satellite platforms, all of which operate under harsh conditions.

Yavuz Ekinci, CEO of Milkab, told Anadolu that in line with the strategies of creating a strong sub-industry of the main contractor companies such as Aselsan, Turkish Aerospace Industries, Havelsan, Roketsan, Isbir, FNSS, BMC, Nurol, Otokar, and shipyards, many original design platform projects have been implemented by mentoring the SME-sub-industry in the production of subsystems, components and other parts.

Ekinci noted that they aim to eliminate foreign dependence on mil-spec wiring as the product families they have created so far will be put into use in a short time.

He mentioned that they are proud to support the efforts to increase the number of domestic products in the defense industry in line with the National Technology Initiative.

He added that they continue to work to increase export opportunities, and expand their product portfolio.

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