Turkish firm unveils new cruise missile Cakir

Turkish missile maker Roketsan continues efforts to design Cakir, tests scheduled for later this year

Leading Turkish defense firm Roketsan unveiled its new cruise missile, Cakir, on Thursday, with the company saying the ordinance will bring operational flexibility on land, sea, and air.

Cakir is set to become a new military force multiplier with its state-of-the-art features and potent warhead, according to a statement from the company.

It is still in the design phase, its first tests are scheduled for later this year, with platform integration to take place in 2023.

With a range of over 150 kilometers (93 miles), the cruise missile will be launchable from fixed and rotary-wing aircraft, assault drones, tactical land vehicles, and naval platforms. It also provides operational versatility against targets above the ground or sea,as well as those in caves.

Featuring a unique warhead and impact point selection systems, it will be highly destructive, said the statement, adding that the missile will be able to engage targets with high precision regardless of weather conditions thanks to its advanced mid- and terminal phase guidance systems.

It will also boast network-based datalink facilitates and human-in-the-loop capabilities for updating, attacking/re-attacking, or aborting targets mid-flight.

Also capable of carrying multiple payloads, the missile will be able to coordinate and intercommunicate with other ordinances as a swarm.

Cakir also offers high survivability with its unique design and radar absorbing material used on the frame.


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