Turkish Florists’ export target for 2023 is $200 million

Emin Cimen, President of Ankara Chamber of Florists, stated that exports in the floristry sector exceeded $120 million this year, and their 2023 target is $200 million.

Cimen evaluated the sector’s performance this year and 2023 expectations to the AA correspondent.

Stating that they closed this year without any major problems and that their friends of tradesmen had the opportunity to easily take their bread to their homes, Cimen said that they were also very hopeful for 2023.

Drawing attention to the foreign trade figures of the sector, Cimen said, “This year, we realized approximately $120 million of exports and $38 million of imports. Our export target for the next year is $200 million.”

Emphasizing that people have become aware of smallpox in recent years, Cimen expressed the view that the Covid-19 epidemic caused this.

Cimen stated that that period revealed the love of flowers in people and said:

“We did not experience problems like other sectors during the epidemic. Flower sales in the last 2 years are better than previous periods. Therefore, we predict that 2023 will be much better than this year.”

“We are the only industry that pays VAT without selling its product”

Cimen stated that the VAT in the sector is high and they demanded that the rate be reduced from 18% to 8%.

Pointing out that this rate is 6-8% in Europe, Cimen said:

“There is no other industry with a VAT as high as ours. We are seen as luxury consumption. We are the only industry that pays VAT without selling the product. We pay the VAT while buying the product, before it is clear whether we can sell it or not. We have made the necessary attempts. We expect VAT to decrease to 8 percent in the bag law to be enacted.”

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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