Turkish Investors’ Global Footprint: 2,146 Investments Across 130 Countries

By the end of 2023, Turkish investors have established a significant presence worldwide with investments totaling $62.2 billion, primarily concentrated in Europe and North America.

By the end of 2023, Turkish investors had expanded their influence across 130 countries with 2,146 direct investments, according to data compiled by the AA correspondent from the Ministry of Commerce. The Ministry conducted an “Overseas Investment Survey” to determine the investments of real and legal entities based in Turkiye.

The survey revealed that the capital position of these 2,146 investments amounted to $57.9 billion. When factoring in the debt relationship between the investor and the overseas investment, the net investment position of Turkish-based real and legal entities was $62.2 billion.

A closer look at the distribution of these overseas investments shows that 828 of the investments are in European Union (EU) countries, while 457 are in the “other European countries” group, which includes the United Kingdom, Russia, the Balkans, Switzerland, Norway, and Eastern Europe. Other prominent regions include 233 investments in other Asian countries, 223 in North America, and 213 in the Near and Middle East.

The EU countries hold the largest share of total investments at 38.75%, with other European countries following at 21.65%. In terms of capital position by region, EU countries lead with a 59.63% share amounting to $34.5 billion. They are followed by “other European countries” with a 20.56% share and $11.9 billion. North America holds a 5.77% share with $3.3 billion, and the “other Asian countries” category, which includes Central Asian Turkic Republics and Southeast Asian countries, also holds a 5.63% share with $3.3 billion.

The North African region, including Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, and Egypt, holds a 3.74% share with a capital position of $2.2 billion. Neighboring countries such as Georgia and Azerbaijan, along with the Middle East and Gulf countries, hold a 3.19% share with a capital position of $1.8 billion.

In 2023, exports from Turkiye to these investments totaled $8.2 billion, while imports amounted to $6.9 billion.

Netherlands Leads in Turkish Investments

At the end of 2023, the Netherlands topped the list with 213 investments and a capital position of $23.481 billion. The United Kingdom (including England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland) followed with 105 investments and a capital position of $4.309 billion. Germany and the United States also stood out with 190 investments worth $3.468 billion and 208 investments worth $3.269 billion, respectively.

In terms of sectors, finance and insurance activities dominated with a 67.5% share, driven largely by the operations of holding companies. Other significant sectors included transportation and storage (4.61%), basic metal industry (4.55%), wholesale and retail trade (4.5%), mining and quarrying (4.3%), chemical industry (2.1%), food, beverage, and tobacco manufacturing (1.97%), and real estate activities (1.5%).

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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