Turkish manufacturers sell 4.5 Million products worldwide via Trendyol

Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan become recipient countries of most products bought, according to Türkiye-based e-commerce giant

Turkish manufacturers sold approximately 4.5 million products worldwide in March and April through the e-commerce platform Trendyol.

Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan were the recipient countries of the most products purchased, according to recent data from the firm.

The foreign cities with the most interest in Turkish-made products were listed as Riyadh,Jeddah, Baku, Dubai, Mecca, and Abu Dhabi.

Whereas, Gaziantep, Denizli, Adana, and Mersin were the top Turkish cities where goods were sold, while Kocaeli made its first appearance in the top ten cities with the highest exports.

Turkish sellers on the platform sold over 1 million items in the Gulf region during the holy month of Ramadan, accounting for 25% of total sales.

The export volume of products sold by Turkish manufacturers on Trendyol reached $650 million last year.

Source: aa

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